Brixton Cycles Club

London’s friendliest cycle club.

We are a South London based cycling club, open to all riders across the city. Our club ethos is based on the principles of the cooperative movement.

We do all types of cycling: road, track, MTB, BMX, Cyclocross, audax, cobbles and the rest.

About us

If you’ve come to this page it’s probably because you are keen to go on a group ride with like-minded people and possibly enjoy a refreshing drink (most likely a beer) afterwards. Well you’ve come to the right place!

We have over 180 members at the last count, across a wide range of ages and cycling ability. While we are not the biggest club in South London, there is something about the Club for everyone.

We are predominantly a social club although we do have a track racing pedigree and over the past few years have seen the racing side of the Club grow, with podiums at Crystal Palace, Herne Hill Velodrome and off-road events, among others.

BCC group

In addition to the regular Sunday Club Run, we organise mid-week training sessions: hills, Regents Park laps and winter training at Herne Hill Velodrome and, of course, plenty of socials – it’s the events we think we do best!

We understand that riding with a Club for the first time can feel intimidating but we hope to make the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. If you would be interested in finding out what Brixton Cycles Club is like please read on for how to join.

Join us

Join us on a club run

Want to ride with us? We’d love to have you come along! We welcome everyone (have a read of our club values here), and we are committed to making sure cycling can be an inclusive space for all.

If you are interested in riding with us, please email both [email protected] and [email protected] to let us know. We’ll then send you a brief questionnaire so we can learn more about your level of experience and your preferred ride time/date. We are also happy to offer women-only rides too, so please do let us know in the questionnaire if you prefer this option.

During the ride we operate a no-drop policy and therefore we will always wait for the slowest member of the group. We ride up hills at our own pace and regroup at the top. While we would expect any new member to be able to ride 40-ish miles and climb the sort of hills that are common in Kent & Surrey, you definitely don’t need to hold any Strava K/QoMs to come for a spin with us!

We can only take people out who use clipless pedals or toe-straps / cages. In our experience of riding in the hills south of Crystal Palace, having cleated shoes or toe clips makes the ride much easier, as it actually gets quite hilly. We also all ride road bikes (rather than hybrids for example), which are the most suitable type of bike for the routes and speeds of club runs.

We also expect people to have a roadworthy bike, be self-sufficient in replacing an inner tube and have enough water and food for the ride (this is a good video to familiarise yourself with about fuelling on rides). We ask all riders to please bring a mask (in case of cafe or shop stops) and hand sanitiser, as well as their own tools and spares, as equipment cannot be shared. Helmets are not mandatory but we, and British Cycling, recommend it. There are no rules per se for lycra - just wear what you are most comfortable riding in!

If you are new to group riding, fear not! Your ride leader will explain everything you need to know to ensure the safety of riders as individuals and a group before we set off. In the meantime, we recommend you familiarise yourself with this video (and apologies in advance if you end up in a YouTube hole as a result).

After your second club run you will have the option of joining the Club and we will explain how to become a member. More information can be found in the membership section.

BCC group from Wayne BCC group BCC group

The shop

Brixton Cycles Shop

Brixton Cycles Club, as the name suggests, is linked to the great Brixton Cycles situated on Brixton Road. As you may know, Brixton Cycles is a worker’s co-operative, which essentially means that everyone that works there is an owner of the shop (or a probationary member) with equal pay, equal say, equal rights and equal responsibilities to everyone else. These core values are at the heart of the Shop and also at the heart of the Club, which we think gives us an inclusive feel!

Visit the shop


The club hosts several cycling events every year, several are at Herne Hill Velodrome, and help with some crit and cross events too. We also do an annual hill club competition and time trial for members. Some key highlights are:


Every year we host the Brixton Super Madison at Herne Hill Velodrome, culminating with the Rob Jeffries Super Madison Trophy, a 50 lap Madison points race. There’s also National Sprinters League, a full program of women’s races, including keirin and the famous Ron Beckett double harness pursuit (“mixed doubles” madison pursuit).

Previously we have had such great athletes race as Laura Trott, Robert Fosterman (and many more big names) compete - Supermad is truly our flagship event.

Supermad 2019

National Women's Omnium and Dernyfest

The Herne Hill round of the National Women’s Omnium is one of the highlights of the women’s track calendar. Regularly attracting a full field of both local riders and those looking to make their mark in the national standings, the racing is a perfect mix of bunch races and solo efforts, so even those not at the pointy end of the overall standings still have a chance to get their PBs or test themselves against the clock for the first time.

For the support races, spectators get to witness the thrilling sights and sounds of derny racing as riders fly round the track, drafting motorised derny bikes at superhuman speeds (50km/h and beyond)!

We ran a women's dernyfest and men's omnium this year, and hope to to do the same next year We want to create equal opportunities for everyone to have a go and race

Hill/Hell climb

Our end-of-season party with a timed struggle against the clock up a big hill just outside London with bacon / vegan sandwiches at the top, then awards in a pub back in town after.

Race in Brixton Cycles colours

Interested in racing with Brixton Cycles? Members race in lots of different disciplines: road, crits, track, cyclo cross, mountain bike and hill climbs but the majority of members who race are on track at Herne Hill Velodrome or the London crit circuits.

Brixton Cycles is affiliated to the Surrey Cycle Racing League (SL), London Women’s Racing and British Cycling, which means you’ll have plenty of races to enter.

If you want to find out more about racing for the club just ask on a club run or get in touch with the road, track or cross secretaries on our forum.

Photo Sam Holden


With Herne Hill Velodrome on our doorstep you’ll see a lot of people from the club training and racing at the track. We have members racing in all categories at the weekly track league and monthly women’s league, we organise two full days of national racing every summer and take part in the team championships.

We have three custom built Talbot track bikes available for members to hire for free so you don’t even need a new bike to take part in track races.

Road Racing

Be it at the summer series at Crystal Palace, the windswept plains of Cyclopark or out on the open road at a Surrey League event, Brixton riders can be found competing in road races. Amongst our members we have newbies, rising stars and seasoned campaigners so whether you’re starting out as a 4th Cat or racking up the points in search of your 2nd Cat license you’ll have Brixton teammates to race alongside.

If you’ve never tried road racing but are keen to give it a go then you’ll find plenty of support and advice from other Brixton riders and the weekly training sessions (the Hills session both north and south of the river, winter training and of course the Sunday club run) will help you build the fitness you need to get out racing.

Photo Sam Holden
Photo Nick T


Something is coming, sometimes that thing is 'cross.

Brixton riders have been known to turn up and race the London and South East Cyclo Cross and the Summer Cross series. Over the last few years the club has helped out on running Cyclocross events.

There is always plenty of support and cow bells


Can anyone join?

Yes! All adults welcome

How much?


What bike should I ride on a club run?

Ideally a drop handlebar road bike with some water bottles in cages, and road tyres. Everyone should ride with clipless cycle shoes and pedals or pedals with toe clips on the bike.

What should I bring with me on a club run?

Travel light but enough to be comfortable and self sufficient. We ask all riders to please bring a mask (in case of cafe or shop stops) and hand sanitiser, as well as their own tools and spare inner tubes and a pump, as equipment cannot be shared. Make sure you bring some food, a light snack like a banana or cereal bar, plus an emergency fiver - and check the weather! You should be able to carry everything you need in your jersey pockets ideally.

Do I have to wear a cycling helmet?

It would be best if you do, just to be safe.

Do I have to wear lycra?

It’s not mandatory but it does make you that bit more aerodynamic, but we understand that some people may prefer to wear something over a pair of cycling shorts. Whatever you are most comfortable in makes for a happy rider! But, padded shorts will make a world of difference to your riding in comfort, trust us.

BCC group from Lam
photo in HH Canopy after a


Contact the road captain if you want to ride with us? Hit us up at [email protected]

You can then join via British Cycling for £25 if you are approved membership.

Membership lasts for a calender year and can be at a reduced fee if you join after October.

In joining the club you have to agree to uphold the Brixton Cycles ethos, upholding the Club Principles, based on those of the Rochdale Pioneers, part of the cooperative movement.

Club Values and Principles

  1. Brixton Cycles Club membership is open to all persons willing to accept the responsibilities of membership, without gender, social, racial, political or religious discrimination.
    Providing the criteria set out in the new joiner’s email is met (for example, to attend two introductory club rides, ride in a sensible, non-dangerous manner, pay the annual membership fee), membership of Brixton Cycles Club is open to all.
  2. Brixton Cycles Club is controlled only by its members, who each have equal control. Those elected to serve on the committee are accountable to the membership.
    Member participation is one of the defining features of Brixton Cycles Club. All members are to treat all other members equally.
  3. Brixton Cycles Club will be run in the interest of all of its members. Brixton Cycles Club will provide a platform for likeminded individuals to ride bikes together through the weekly Sunday club run and other events in all disciplines. Brixton Cycles Club will support members in their desire to race competitively through membership of associations.
    Brixton Cycles Club will look to give mutual support to its members and the wider cycling community.
  4. All members have a fair stake and equal in the club and responsibility for it. All members of Brixton Cycles Club have a duty of care to each and every other member, as well as a responsibility to look after the club as a whole. All members should be willing to help with club activities such as ride leading, volunteering and helping to organise events, or generally improving the standing of the club.
  5. Education, training and information. As a member of Brixton Cycles Club you will educate and train other (potentially new) members so that they too can contribute to the club. The club will informally assist and support all members with their cycling education and training.
    Members should also promote Brixton Cycles and Brixton Cycles Club to the wider public in a positive fashion.
  6. Have concern for the cycling and wider community. Brixton Cycles Club will promote the good of cycling to the wider community and support the cycling community in any way possible.
    As a member of Brixton Cycles Club, you have a responsibility to uphold the goodwill of the cycling community. By agreeing to wear shop kit you agree to represent the club and shop and uphold the ‘no manners, no spanners’ mantra. You agree to acknowledge fellow riders and look out for other cyclists while riding and generally make the cycling community a better place.